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RV Security Systems for your RV or Motorhome

Operates on AC and your RV battery

Can cover all your Storage, Battery, Generator, and Propane Compartments
Even your Bicycles, Mopeds, Trailer, etc. - over 100 yards away

Motion Detector to cover your interior

Keyfob to turn on/off from outside 







Loud Siren & Strobe





Digital Voice

Call your cell phone with
your recorded messages
*Requires a telephone line
Note: Can be used with "MAGIC JACK"
Verizon Wireless Home Phone Connect
AT&T Wireless Home Phone
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We can call you anywhere when your alarm goes off

*Requires an annual
service contract
of $300 yr

Remote On/Off APP
or computer
*Requires additional $25 yr





Add this Camera to your system to automatically take incident video and audio of intruders when alarm is triggered




Systems typically have a loud local alarm and strobe
Systems can be monitored through telephone line or StarLink cellular service
* May require additional equipment and service contract


Keypad & Door Contact


Wireless Door Contact


Wireless Compartment Contact


Wireless Front Door Contact

Wireless Pet Immune Motion

Control Panel & Wireless Receiver

Outside Horn & Strobe

Wireless Outside Transmitter

Protect your trailer, bike, motorcycle, and more
over 100 yards away
- Campers & Haulers -
This can be attached to hitch to prevent thief

Outside AC Cord Monitor

Free stickers with every system

Protect your RV or Motorhome completely with a
Preprogrammed Do-It-Yourself Wireless RV Security Systems starting at only $600.00

NOTE: System uses less than 300ma of battery power in armed-disarmed mode


~ Since-1975 ~


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